(f)art & photos

Created in Illustrator via sketchbook.

Here's the Dreamachine I made on display as part of Aaron O'Donnell's "Museum of Industrial Oddities" - Eisenberg Gallery (126A Nicholson Street, East Brunswick). When the machine was first put on display a car ran into the window where the machine was. We believe the driver was sent into an Alpha state due to the Dreamachine!

The Dreamachine I constructed to send my mind into an Alpha brain state. I had to modify the 78 RPM version to work on a common 45RPM record player.

Page from the forthcoming "True Fantasy" anthology & the Braddock Rainbow Exhibition March 2004.

Made this simple koala pinata for my sons birthday. It's filled with lollies and gum leaves. The kids loved beating the crap out of it - kind of scairy!

A robot my son & I made from crap I found in the recycle bin. Kicks Robo-Sapien's arse!

Did this for the Tranz-it exhibition as part of Silent Army.

opened 20th jan 2005
34 lt latrobe st , melbourne

The power of Devo is within me - I can feel it.

Poster I made for a forthcoming magazine.

This is a masonic thing. Compiled using photoshop (tm).

How to Communicate with the dead.

Time/Space is what I'm saying, now lets manipulate it. I did this one @ a zine workshop 2003.

Learning to fly.. but not to land.

I made this collage for my mother's birthday card.

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