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Monday, April 06, 2009

Southern Fried Kidneys - Graveyard

Back in the late 80s I heard a song on Perth radio station 6UVS which went something like "If You want my love you better tear out my heart because I only make love in a Grrraaaaveeeyyyaaaard!" I had no idea who it was and went about asking if anyone knew Graveyard, but the only suggestion I got was The Butthole Surfers song Graveyard. I went out and bought the Butthole Surfers album with Graveyard on it, which changed my life, but it wasn't the same Graveyard as the one I'd heard on the radio.

Fast forward 20 years - I met a guy named Paul Kidney at a Wolf Eyes gig who did a radio show on PBS called Ear of the Behearer. One thing lead to the other and my band was invited to play on his show. During our conversation it turned out he was in a band called Southern Fried Kidneys back in the late 80s (hence is surname). Later on I stumbled across one of his bands singles in Off The Hip which I laid down the cash for without even looking at, took it home and stored it away for six months unheard. To my utter astonishment when I finally got to play it I heard the Graveyard song that I'd been looking for all those years ago. My life is now complete I can now go to the graveyard in peace.

Graveyard (via


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