Review - Thou Gideon Actors Centre $4.

They are here to provoke you, to make you think, look at yourself & most of all scare the shit out of you. Thou Gideon, spitting, writhing, proud & anarchistic, Mark's stage presence was felt by all (even though there was no stage.)

The Actors centre is an,original late night venue, just open for it's debut tonight, with three bands; T'roll, Thou Gideon & Thrombus. For this review I am concentrating on Thou Gideon, for it too is their debut gig.

The Actors Centre was the old Perth Tech, two rooms are transformed into a cosy venue fitting about 120 people. A lovely blue room houses the bands while an intriguing nightmare mural is splashed across the other room, this is where the alcohol is sold.

Mark introduces the band with a poem & the first song is performed, Thou Gideon are not only here to play, but perform for our pleasure. Mark Lillypie has a guitar but mostly goes without. Some fascinating sounds are created by Tanja Vision wielding a drill, hammers, file, hubcaps, and bottles against a 44 gallon drum. Gareth Edwards is the guitarist and occasional voice, Emma Lasting bangs on the bass, while Val Kap bashes on the drums.

"Train tracks, Fucken train tracks, Choo-Choo," "Rap me up in a patchwork quilt," "Have you ever been caught masturbating?","Remember your first time?" asks Mark as he holds a blowup sex doll aloft. The P.A. doesn't do the band's sound justice, nor does Marks jumping around with the mike stuck down his gob.

Saliva is swapped between Mark & the audience, who seem to be having a little trouble understanding how to react to Thou Gideon's antics. Some sit mouth agape & others act violently toward the band.

Mark's shirt is removed as he pours tomato sauce down his chest, the audience removes themselves from his presence. Mark munches on a little dog food (it is not Pall,) copulates with an unsuspecting table & the gig is over.

Thou Gideon are one of the most original iconoclastic art bands in the Underground Perth scene, in fact I could say they are the only band of this kind in Perth. Perhaps the band is a bit wild for the conservative Perth people, so if you don't want Perth to be the Pooh-hole it is, get out there & support what we have before it's too late.

If you have never experienced Thou Gideon before then I highly recommend you do so. I also recommend you be as close as possible to the stage for the full effect.

Thou Gideon have a tape out called Symmetry of Virginity, $8 for 8 songs you can't go wrong. They also plan to be releasing a cassingle featuring a song "Grea & Her."


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