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Pig Meat began its life as a self published zine in Perth, Western Australia. Its founder Nuck Pooter originally intended it to be a com-zine; half comic half zine. As it turned out it was more zine than comic, although comics still make appearances to this day. Pig Meat doesn't tie itself down to any one subject, you'll be able to find anything from crazy conspiracy theories to political commentary and even a bit of music too.

The first issue (number 1) made its appearances on the Perth streets in August 1990 as a 10 page photo copied FREE zine with a run of about 250. Ten years later and its still going, maybe not quite in the original format, but going none the less. That first issue was painfully created on an old Remington typewriter belonging to NucK's mother. A great leap forward took place in January 1996, when Pig Meat was reproduced on the internet from its hard copy form, giving the world a chance to experience the true power of "The Meat."

A common criticism of Pig Meat is the name itself. We have been accused of hating Vegetarians, which is quite odd as we ourselves are just that, vegetarians. The name is in fact taken from part of a Pink Floyd song title "Heart Beat, Pig Meat" from the Zabriskie Point soundtrack. Maybe its a sardonic statement, or perhaps it was chosen after some fool slipped NucK a chunk of processed animal carcass into his salad roll, dunno?

In April 1997 Pig Meat move its vast operations to Melbourne, Victoria. This was due to some unpaid fines in the West, and underworld operatives getting a bit too close to the truth. Pig Meat has since flourished, and are currently preparing for a good year of corporate take overs. For more information please visit the Pig Meat statistics page to see how our stocks are trading.

Pig Meat is seeking young enthusiastic writers and cartoonists to partake in the power of "The Meat." We're open to anything you choose to contribute - interviews, reviews, news, found art, mail art, letters (in any form - found, abusive, love, and funny,) comics, stories, poems, tapes, photos, opinions, delusions, drugs, food, schematics, ideas, plans, tips, recipes, conspiracy theories, pranks, just about anything will be published, just as long as it gets past the pedantic Mr. Poo Chops.

Unfortunatly we don't have any hard copy of Pig Meat left at the moment. When we do the contatct details are listed below. We also like to read other people's zines, so if you have one be sure and send us a copy.

PO BOX 2064
Fitzroy MDC Vic. 3065

Email :-

(start subject with "pigzine" so I know you're not spam)


Meat the Staff


Dkr Pooter working on slack(s)

Dkr/Rev/Poee. NucK Pooter (aka Ennio Swaggart) - The creator

"Never have I ever, ever... you know?" - NjP

NucK lives in sunny North Fitzroy with his partner Petra Jayne Luntaine and their child prodigy ZOLP. NucK was brought up on society's flotsam and jetsam, particularly from left of center; Mad Magazines, Monty Python and strange cultist rituals make up NucK's chemistry. At one time he was savagely attacked by a stray boomerang, leaving him with a large dent in his head allowing a little man to gain entry and set up home, Nuck calls him Toby, just humor him. During his adolescent years Nuck played Basketball, but gave up, figuring that drinking was a better career option. Nuck is a devout Vegetarian who for some reason claims he's doing it for comedy reasons. Before taking up Pig Meat as a full time non-career option, NucK chose to broadcast on public radio stations in Perth and Melbourne such as 6NR, 6UVS, RTR-fm and RRR, specialising in "weird shit."

On the political side of things NucK is currently involved with two transport groups; a cycling event that takes place once a month called Critical Mass ; and Streets for People - Melbourne.

NucK collects too much - you could say it's an addiction. One of his passions is View-Master reels as well as the viewers. His extensive collection dates back to the 1950's, so if you feel generous and have any reels, send them his way, free postage for the latest Pig Meat zine if you do :). NucK is also looking for Super 8 film of any description; off-cuts, home movies, cartoons, just anything.

NucK is a devout paid up SubGenius - so watch out on X-Day part II, You could be burnin' and NucK ain't going do nothing 'bout it.

Don't forget to pick up the latest record from Circle of Willis featuring NucK.

Dkr. Luntaine with a new "batch"

Petra Jayne Luntaine

"Carcus is what interests me." - PjL

Petra met NucK in Perth, Western Australia, where they quickly became lovers and cohorts in the world of Meat - despite their devout vegetarianism. To avoid a fanatical pressure group they shifted operations to the opposite side of the country. Their son ZOLP was conceived shortly afterward as part of a master plan for world take over. The plan is to create their own people, hence their son ZOLP(23.0) the first of many. Petra is Pig Meat's art director, with a prestigious career in the "Bad Art" movement and up to this date has held many exhibitions of her work throughout the Fitzroy area.

Peta is also a quality musician versed in some unusual instruments, including; Theremin, Optigan, and various children's toys. Petra & Nuck perform irregularly together in the renowned "crap-fi," trio Circle of Willis.



Dkr Pinski discovering that pin

Maxamillion Pinski - Mad Max

"The realisation shook me to the coor" - M$W

"Finding Max was like finding a needle in a haystack, we love him dearly despite his eccentricity. Maxamillion first came to our attention at a political demonstration in the Bourk Street mall, in the center of Melbourne Town. Max had stripped naked to prove a point which we later discovered was closely linked to his Anarcho-Syndicalist ways. Petra and I were on our way to a meating with a distribution company hoping to distribute Pig Meat Australia wide via its newsagents. We were delayed while saving Max from being assaulted by a well built Italian gentleman who vastly disagreed with Max's views of the world. We were invited back to Max's loft to share in some "good 'urbe," were we began talking, one thing led to another , and before you knew it Max was one of the team. We never did get that distribution deal…" - Nuck Pooter.

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